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Man’s Best Friend, Mute

14 July 2011

I love photography and I love dogs, and I love photography of dogs. So it’s no real surprise that I really enjoyed a series of unique dog portraits taken by Martin Usborne for a series called Mute: the silence of dogs in cars. However, I did find the premise behind the series a bit unsettling: Martin had an inner fear of being alone and unheard that, combined with his affinity with animals, led him to empathise with, and be terrified by their inability to speak in situations of helplessness. To explore this theme, Martin set about creating a feeling of alone-ness in each photograph by isolating a dog within a car with the window locked. Martin used low light and dramatic lighting to create a rather eerie mood and ensured that the window had some sort of interesting texture on it. Here are some of the images from the series.








Nick Onken

14 July 2011

I’ve only recently come across Nick Onken’s work and I love it. He’s got a great website which displays his wide range of work in large size! He has a definite style with a lot of use of warm tones (often brown) and shooting into the sun. This gives his images a fun, often summery feel to them. I also love his aperture choices, often resulting in quite shallow depths of field. Here’s some shots from his website.

Here’s some more shots taken in Laos, again with a lot of brown tones.

Ken Duncan

14 July 2011

Ken Duncan was probably the photographer than inspired me to take up photography, in particular landscape photography. I love many forms of landscape photography but there is something truly magical about the panoramic format that Ken became famous for shooting. It is a format that is rather unique in photography and led my wife and I to choosing a wedding photographer that shot with a panoramic camera. After that, I also bought one – the beautiful Hasselblad XPan – which unfortunately doesn’t get much use these days, at least for the moment. I have purchased several of Ken’s books which beautifully show the Australian landscape as well as other parts of the world. As well as the panoramic format, Ken’s shots feature saturated coloursĀ  and beautiful light which Ken waits patiently for. Here are some examples of Ken Duncan’s panoramic imagery.

Tears For A Nation

Emerald Waters

Promise Of Peace

Peaceful Valley

Forgotten Dreams

Majestic Uluru

Living Jewel, Heart Reef


22 May 2011

Some more colourful high speed photography, this time courtesy of Ryan Taylor.

Strings of Colour


Colour of Sound

Colour of Sound (White)

Colour of Sound II


Colourfully Wet

Exploding Christmas ornaments

6 May 2011

I came across a series of images taken by Alan Sailer capturing the moment he explodes different Christmas ornaments in various ways. Crazy stuff!






2 May 2011

April 26 was the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. Here are some of my favourite images from The Big Picture’s special.

Sergei Supinsky

Gleb Garanich

Sergey Ponomarev

Sergei Supinsky

Alexander Khudotioply

The Royal Wedding

2 May 2011

Well it seems most people got caught up in the Royal Wedding whether they wanted to or not. Here are a few images that I liked from the day (courtesy of The Big Picture).

Toby Melville

Suzanne Plunkett

Dave Thompson

Kirsty Wigglesworth

Andrew Winning

John Stillwell

Peter Macdiarmid

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