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Horse images

1 May 2011

I wouldn’t consider myself a horse person but loved these images.

Vedran Vidak

Peter Macdiarmid

Li Gang

Arno Balzarini


Thom Yorke timelapse

1 May 2011

A look at the creative genius of Jeremy Cowart.

Jerry Ghionis

1 May 2011

I’ve been a fan of Jerry Ghionis ever since we went to his Xsight studio when looking for a wedding photographer for our own wedding. I’ve recently been checking out his blog and saw these recent images of his.

The Mountain timelapse

30 April 2011

An awesome timelapse video I came across recently by Terje Sorgjerd.

I bought a cheap inveralometer off ebay recently so I’m keen to give a timelapse video a try.

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